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For covid-19 updates

You should make an appointment.

+902566572352 for whatsapp

Disinfect your hands at the entrance

Name, surname and phone number are recorded

Disposable slippers are worn

Separate pouch is used for each customer

Rooms are single

Towels come packed. You are the first to use it

It is forbidden to walk with shoes outside the designated areas

It is mandatory to wear a mask in the "Square" section

In the bath;

It is requested that the room designated by the official be used and not to enter another room

No kurna and bowl can be used other than the one in which the authorized are determined

It is forbidden to spit, shave, cut nails in the bathhouse

If you do not have your own towel, one small and big towel is given. It is important that no other towels be used.

One person can sit on each seat

The Turkish bath is arranged for a maximum of 4 people in a 2 hour session.Once the bath session is over, you cannot re-enter

it is forbidden to bring food and drink from outside

Keep the social distance

We kindly ask you to throw the items you use (mask, gloves, ear stick, underwear) into the trash.

We wish you healthy days

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